The Impression We Leave Behind

It is is said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and in a world which seems to be tripping over its own feet, we could do with more of that classic, well made – elegance of old. The kind which is built to last, which doesn’t try to enforce itself in any given situation but oozes an effortless, natural confidence. It’s a confidence which is magnetic wherever you go, establishes you as an authority but never needs to be imposed.

We would like to believe, when the classic cars of old were designed and built, they were built not to make a quick buck, but to make an impression, an impact which could last for generations. Designed with care and consideration for the individuals who would drive them, these pieces of machinery were created to compliment the classic man, his character and his resolve. Created so in years to come, we would marvel at their beauty, and marvel at them we do.

This is the same ethos we have stitched into the fabrics of Expier, we created it to pay homage to this way of thinking, because it’s not about how much we have or how much we make, but it’s the impression we leave behind that matters.