Life is in the Details

At Expier we are certain that excellence is due to the amount of devotion that has been put into a single component. Paying attention to detail is an understatement; we at Expier live by appreciating the mastery of execution. Our ethos is based upon celebrating true craftsmanship and cherishing items in this current climate of the disposable lifestyle.

To honour British heritage, the Autoclass watches incorporated key characteristics of classic cars – the iconic steering wheel with T shaped spokes featuring a smooth wooden rim, rippled leather seats and the polished, intricate spoke rims. Our watch crown even contains detailing from a 4-gear manual transmission shift pattern. We used Burl, the same wood that was used for wooden steering wheels in many classic luxury cars. The distinctive properties of Burl wood mean that each watch has its own unique grain; thus, each watch is an exclusive one-off piece.

In an age where mass production is a given, everyone owns the same things and has the same look. It is an impossible mission to find rare items. With its undeniable workmanship and finishes, the Autoclass watches will have you standing out from the crowd.