Honouring British Heritage

Expier’s distinctive Autoclass watch range is based upon the interiors of classic British luxury cars. Recognised around the world for its sleek design, Expier aims to bring elements of this back to the modern generation. There’s something undeniably sophisticated about British vintage cars that exudes elegance. There is no need to be flashy; it radiates panache effortlessly.

Reminiscent of smooth curved lines, the spoke rims, charming steering wheel design and its leather interiors, the Autoclass watch will evoke memories of stepping into your first car. Using this iconic design as inspiration, Expier has paid homage to the craftsmanship that is renowned for its attention to detail.

The Autoclass watches have been developed and polished under careful consideration with the intention that the wearer will instantly appreciate the workmanship and artistry of its creators. With the gentle notes of special features unique to Expier, every glance will have you smiling to yourself with the floods of nostalgia it will bring.