The Gentleman

In the digital age where everything is done by swiping left and right, where anything in the world is literally at your fingertips, it is easy to forget the things that truly matter; manner, conduct and how one holds himself. A real gentleman is always aware of his surroundings and so serving others in society comes naturally to him. With one look, his character can be identified by how he chooses to present himself to the world.

Living the conveniently disposable life, discarding possessions after a season is not how a true gentleman maintains his collection. How a man handles his belongings exposes how he treats people. This is why a gentleman is often seen carefully choosing effects that represents him, taking care of it with the intention of possibly passing it down one day in the future. Expier is for the refined gentleman who is ready to take on the world.

Each day you come across hundreds and thousands of decisions you need to make. You try to be the best version of yourself. You try to promote yourself in the best possible way so that other people can see that you are genuinely trying to serve the world. Being a gentleman isn’t a fad. It is a timeless lifestyle choice.

Don’t follow a trend. Be your own man. Build your own style.