Defining a Classic

How do you define whether something is classic? How do you determine its elegance? Is it based on the tides of fashion or is it something that holds a longer lasting value?

When you think of this simple word, classic; it’s not just the beauty, the style and elegance that springs to mind but also rouses an emotion, a smile or a memory of significance that is burned in you. And whether that memory is created through personal experience, or the beauty of observation, to the individual, a classic, will always bring those same joyful emotions back up to the boil.

According to the Latin origin; a classic, is the work of enduring excellence, an example to its kind, it sets the standard of craftsmanship and creativity and is admired by even its closest competitors.

That’s why when we designed the AutoClass, we drew our inspiration, not from the many brands that litter the world, but from our love for the distinctive characteristics of the most beautiful classic cars in British history.